How to approve or reject an order on Shopify

There are 2 ways to approve or reject a Shopify order, either via the merchant area or on your Shopify admin page. Below are the steps for the mentioned 2 methods:

Approve or reject on merchant area

  1. Login to the merchant area at
  2. Open the Transactions page and view the order that you want to approve or reject.
  3. You can click either the Approve or Reject button based on your review.

You may also access the transaction details page directly using the direct link found on the fraud notification email.

Approve or reject on Shopify admin area

Instead of visiting the merchant page, you may approve or reject the order directly on your Shopify admin area. This will free you from re-login to our merchant area and looking for transactions for approval/reject.

  1. Login to your Shopify admin area.
  2. Open the order that you would like to approve or reject.
  3. Click on the More Actions dropdown menu and select Risk Report.FraudLabs Pro Shopify Risk Report Screenshot
  4. On the Risk Report page, you can either Approve or Reject the order based on your review.FraudLabs Pro Shopify Order Details

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