This fraud prevention module will screen every order transacted on FoxyCart e-commerce platform in real-time for payment fraud. Its sophisticated validation algorithm will accurately detect the fraud patterns to help you to minimize the chargeback and fraud losses.

Visit the FraudLabs Pro Features page to learn more about the type of fraud validation performed and how it could help you to prevent fraudulent online transactions and reduce manual reviews.

how fraudlabs pro works

Download Fraud Prevention Module

Before downloading the module, please sign up for a free API license key, which is required during the module installation.

For FoxyCart version 2.0 DOWNLOAD

Install Fraud Prevention Module

  1. Get the code from FraudLabs Pro FoxyCart.
  2. Edit the code with your FraudLabs Pro API Key and save it as fraudlabspro.php.
  3. Upload it to your site.
  4. Login to the FoxyCart admin area.
  5. Click on the payment menu under store option. Configure FraudLabs Pro Integration for FoxyCart
  6. Configure the pre-payment hook url under Custom Webhooks section and enter the url where the fraudlabspro.php located. Configure pre-payment hook url in FoxyCart
  7. Click on the save button to save the new configuration.
  8. Done.

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FoxyCart Fraud Prevention Module

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