How to change order status based on FraudLabs Pro action

FraudLabs Pro enables BigCommerce users to automatically change the order status based on the actions, namely Approve, Review and Reject, triggered by FraudLabs Pro system. Initially, the order statuses had been set to the following values:

  • Approve Status: There is no change to the order status.
  • Review Status: The order will be changed to Manual Verification Required status.
  • Reject Status: The order will be changed to Declined status.

You are able to re-configure the above status based on your requirements. To do that, please

  1. Click on the App menu followed by FraudLabs Pro.FraudLabs Pro App
  2. On the FraudLabs Pro Dashboard page, click on the Settings menu.
  3. Under BigCommerce Options, you should notice 3 dropdown box for Approve, Review, and Reject status. These are where you can re-configure the statuses. Please see the below screenshot.BigCommerce Options
  4. Once done, click on Save button to record your changes.


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