How to implement device velocity check

Device is a type of electronic hardware that clients used to access your website or making a purchase. The device could be a desktop, laptop, hand-phone, tablet and so on. This electronic device can be uniquely identified using the FraudLabs Pro Agent Javascript technology (a.k.a. device fingerprinting).  Why is this device identification important? It is because this identification helps you to unveil one of the common fraud patterns used by perpetrators to camouflage themselves as legitimate unique buyers. For example, a fraudster could use an email,, with IP address to make a purchase. Few minutes later, the same fraudster could use another email,, with IP address to make another purchase. This fraud tactic requires minimal effort as the above information can be easily changed and spoofed. But, if the fraudster used the same device for this malicious activity, this can be detected using the Device Velocity rule. This is because the electronic device used by the fraudster has been labeled with a unique tracking number by the system.

How to implement the device velocity rule?

FraudLabs Pro supports 2 types of device velocity check, namely “total of transactions by device within the last 24 hours” and “total of transactions by device within the last 7 days”. Below are the steps to enable the velocity check.

  1. Login to your merchant area.
  2. On the merchant area, click on the Rules menu.
  3. Click on Add Rule button, and a window will popup for your input.
  4. Select “Total Transactions By Devices Within The Last 24 Hours” under the Transaction Validation section.
  5. Enter the threshold and select the action. Below please find the screenshot of the rule.add device velocity rule
  6. Click on Add Rule button on the window to insert the rule.
  7. Click on Save button to save the rules settings.

Does my cart plugin support the FraudLabs Pro Agent Javascript feature?

The above velocity rule requires you to implement the FraudLabs Pro Agent Javascript, so that the system can uniquely label the device for velocity check. If you are using the latest plugins from this list, then you are ready for the device velocity rule. If not, you may need to embed the Agent Javascript manually on your e-commerce platform before you can use the rule.

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